Chaos and Love .


I closed my eyes to revive. I wake up feeling that my time have arrived. And I begin to realize that life is a balance between our dreams and compromise. I’m watching mother nature rise . I look at a reflection that caught my eyes. She said this could be, a crazy way to die . I took a deep breath to say, we will survive . Mother nature has gave us a big surprise. And everybody takes a glimpse at chaos unwind . I looked at her and I saw how always she was mines . She was stunning and she is love . I hope to be with you up above . I was thinking .. I was thinking we should make way for a place to run and she said I was thinking of a place to make love . For my feelings are strong and willing…

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Forever and lasting thoughts.

Isolated from someone I love the most. I tried so hard to stay real close and stride for you with hope I host . This vibe is the best feelings that I now know. It reaches all of me when I’m low and it strengthens me to grow finely better than the me you once know. Pride denied and I been waiting to show a side that I’ve been saving for you. Only you will do for me ! Will I work for you and have a worthy point view of all the things that your loving can do been something’s I already knew . I just need your touch to hold me for a few I’m not asking for much . Just someone new that I love a bunch . I always had these forever and lasting thoughts that would punch my feelings and point to you as revealing. I must open up to what I have been concealing. I’m leading from my past to a better path . At last and again I am very close and I’ll pass by you with a loving dose of lasting thoughts of my feelings. It had took me a while to see what I been building a better me and a brighter future. I now can see our landscaping picture . Forever and lasting thoughts will keep us richer .