Falt For A Reason ..

We laughed a little , bragged in riddles , and played our parts like fiddles . Never knowing that we were made so brittle . How could we support the idea of being each other equal . Were we subconsciously righting the wrong of each other evil . Checking and correcting each other egos . Are we egging on ourselves to be counted as zero’s . Falt for a reason you was my stumbling block to committing treason . Thank you by a lot for making me lose my religion and for making me use my vision . After all I had to review my decision’s . Then when I am done to comeback with strength and precision . To carry up out my position similar to a politician . Fishing and wishing for the fixing of things we are missing . My Falt for a reason star crossed in so many ways and dimensions  . We would had corrected so many superstitions . Plagued with many obsessions and afflictions that we had no restrictions . Our love was filling in the tight description of the best selling form of fiction . I know we once had each other best intention’s  . But now we have become different extensions for what was love and proper attention .


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