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I am difficult. I am creative. I am energy from a hope.. I am the best hidden book you'll find unless you find the hidden books of truth .

Falt For A Reason ..

We laughed a little , bragged in riddles , and played our parts like fiddles . Never knowing that we were made so brittle . How could we support the idea of being each other equal . Were we subconsciously righting the wrong of each other evil . Checking and correcting each other egos . Are we egging on ourselves to be counted as zero’s . Falt for a reason you was my stumbling block to committing treason . Thank you by a lot for making me lose my religion and for making me use my vision . After all I had to review my decision’s . Then when I am done to comeback with strength and precision . To carry up out my position similar to a politician . Fishing and wishing for the fixing of things we are missing . My Falt for a reason star crossed in so many ways and dimensions  . We would had corrected so many superstitions . Plagued with many obsessions and afflictions that we had no restrictions . Our love was filling in the tight description of the best selling form of fiction . I know we once had each other best intention’s  . But now we have become different extensions for what was love and proper attention .


Happy Poetry Week.. Love Is Real.


Dedicated to my falt . Oh it’s not my fault you are lovely as you can be . I hope you love my poetry . Oh , tell me that our love is real. Tell me if we have chemistry. Don’t forget about our history. We often share the right energy to physically fly and to apply anything that needs to be . I know my love is real because all I have is this will . Tell me more about how you feel and how your talents differ from your skills. And I will tell all about my thrills and how you give me chills . And how exactly how you make me feel. Oh , tell me if our love is real . Let it not be a mystery, maybe I can lift you up with some of finest poetry . Literally you will see and constantly I’ll…

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While Waiting.. I Found Love .


Life is too short to always be alone. I know that I am strong and happy on my own. Loving oneself is the way things belong . Until one day somebody special comes along. And it may be the best day you ever had until something goes wrong. And somebody pass by you humming your favorite song . I ask myself a question of going a short way or the long way to carry a thought on . I took the long way and caught up with the stranger humming my song . I said excuse me I don’t mean harm or danger or a crazy weird favor . Please let me introduce my wild witty behavior. I’m really into writing and other manual labor worth acquiring while understand things of matter that becomes just more inspiring. I was caught off guard and my life was spiraling . I was…

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Chaos and Love .


I closed my eyes to revive. I wake up feeling that my time have arrived. And I begin to realize that life is a balance between our dreams and compromise. I’m watching mother nature rise . I look at a reflection that caught my eyes. She said this could be, a crazy way to die . I took a deep breath to say, we will survive . Mother nature has gave us a big surprise. And everybody takes a glimpse at chaos unwind . I looked at her and I saw how always she was mines . She was stunning and she is love . I hope to be with you up above . I was thinking .. I was thinking we should make way for a place to run and she said I was thinking of a place to make love . For my feelings are strong and willing…

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Forever and lasting thoughts.

Isolated from someone I love the most. I tried so hard to stay real close and stride for you with hope I host . This vibe is the best feelings that I now know. It reaches all of me when I’m low and it strengthens me to grow finely better than the me you once know. Pride denied and I been waiting to show a side that I’ve been saving for you. Only you will do for me ! Will I work for you and have a worthy point view of all the things that your loving can do been something’s I already knew . I just need your touch to hold me for a few I’m not asking for much . Just someone new that I love a bunch . I always had these forever and lasting thoughts that would punch my feelings and point to you as revealing. I must open up to what I have been concealing. I’m leading from my past to a better path . At last and again I am very close and I’ll pass by you with a loving dose of lasting thoughts of my feelings. It had took me a while to see what I been building a better me and a brighter future. I now can see our landscaping picture . Forever and lasting thoughts will keep us richer .

i can add words .. Where Dreams Belong.

To dream of you for half my life in so many ways , I could never come up with the right words to say . I know that somebody else already tried to figure out a way to stay well around you for so many days . And I want to just love you for how your glory glows when you gaze . I am that one last thought that you double question and rephrase. After awhile we give each other a praise, and after a smile we go back to our own perfect rage . I hope you’re ok with being on this stage . You are not alone in any matter your story will change often as you skip to the next page. We already passed our mental mature age . I am looking at something simple of a pic but I’m deeply engage into something epic . First and last thought I can add words to a female worth in art . As long you breathing you got my heart and that one part of the brain that frequently tell you I’m a little bit still somewhat as sane . I am as similar to you cute and self unleash to sustain. I can add words to the way you dream. Love back in forward in and out of dreams . Am I the man that keep you guessing if it’s all just a day dream . Where dreams belong for you is within a seam of your personality. That how beauty sticks to you like gravity.

Tune Up .. Unedited.

I can add words. Tune up . I just have to love by you. And only you, this is why we do what we do . Because we already knew what we was equal to . Two hearts with spare parts , perfectly talented ,and quick to unleash challenges. Energy like us thrill and roll out like savages . Poetry gave me a license to chill . Let me do what I need to do to feel good and baby. You can do whatever you need too . With skills you are nicely educated woman . Deals are real . I have no thoughts on a wheel but I have two thoughts on a train of steel . I am not Clark Kent or super man hooked on pills . Just your lover . Just your poet . Just your cover . I’m the right way you pour it . Love fulfill . I told you already she got skills! And I will not , sweat her technique. For we rep hard off each other free speech. Tune up .