i can add words .. Impossible.

All I want is you , all I want is you. Oh ! Impossible I believe in the individual I believe in a miracle. I believe in you so beautiful as a individual. Impossible! How your soul is so wonderful you inspire me to do the possible even this bond is impossible but we made it comfortable. Oh ! We are individuals so invisible ,so invincible. Let our love be convincible somewhat conventional. We are two original peas no pod to look too traditional. Impossible! It is possible! To share one to another life with a understanding right of being responsible. I am your lovable all in all . I am your big wish wrapped up as something small . I know my personality may drive you up the wall . Your reality is to fall . And my capacity will catch you all I know it’s possible I’ve seen the impossible turn into something exceptional. Oh ! Impossible. Why our love most be impossible when we are individuals nothing about us is too physical but we believe in something unconditional. Unconditional! And that is so reasonable.


Luck Vs. Probably..

I found what I was not looking for in the right place. At the right time. How dare you match my energy with mines. And question me before I ask you. My pov is often set to your high noon . Your ear drums is set to my foot steps. We meet in luck asking if you need help or if I from you. And at that moment I felt. Not being wanted but if I was haunted. Love and life is just a ghost to me . I am at where I am supposed to be . Closer to read your philosophy. Background check me in the glossary. Nevertheless we have our own rivalry. Luck vs. Probably.

Full Circle..

It’s my full circle in faith . It’s my full circle in space! Have you seen so many scars on a beautiful face . I just want to explain why life is not a waste . It just takes awhile to absorb the pace and it even takes a bit longer to enjoy a taste for my hunger is filled with grace . Am I happy with being last place. I never noticed anything about the human race. I am off in space I have peace and hope to chase . I have unbound love to embrace. I thank God for making me so brave . I have now truly been saved and I know it was due to me being a page in a story of hope and rage . And now I can say I am of my real age .

I Can Add Words.. In Honor Of Ultimate Fighters.. God Bless The Breast Cancer Survivors.

So beautiful to me and it’s a miracle to be in love . It’s incredible to concentrate on the body center and bring it above. It’s not the pain in cancer it is what will we do with our love . Please show it as peace and fly it like doves and apply in lack of feelings and understanding. The mark of cancer is uncanny for you to strengthen your soul flight training. Fighting at will and fly for thrills. You are the only person that can crash a plane and walk away healed. It gives me the chills. How love really make us reveal all our obvious fears and make it better by making all disappear. The cancer dissolved away with the rest of your fears . The impact of our love I will carry this energy for so many years. You will always be there with me to share a tear and cheers of life . You added value to me at your own will and cost . And I will never ever be lost in love . For I have been across this meaning while waiting for you to tell me where to rub and may I supply you with a forever free hug . You are a ultimate fighter. You are the only fighter that don’t wear gloves and doesn’t use a opening to throw in a slug . And this poem is to your victory over any type of misery . God Bless You All !


POETRY ! Heals the soul and it will bring you back whole . Poetry around a rabbit hole into a center to reach a goal . Nobody will ever be told to hold . If you are willing to just let everything roll . Into one thought off to the next thought your role runs parallel to a soul that makes everybody well . Poetry is more than a good luck spell . More than a recital of something that is misspell. It the upgrade of our souls to excels. Poetry with my mind to expel . Poetry in peace to unleash a exhale. Poetry at least to better compel the stories of lifting life to unveil rights that can’t be jail . Freedom to speak with a yell . POETRY to rebel ! Poetry to repair and to make a pair of something positive to share .

Journey Of Pure Faith ..

Journey of pure faith . I have been so far without contacting my base . You can easily see the tragedy written on my face. My soul speeds up my life to explain the chase of longevity. I am already on pace to be my own celebrity . I know poetry can sound off and crazy . That why I do this than drugs because reality is often just too hazy . My journey of pure faith is steady and I am more ready to race out to dimensions unknown. To see the mentioned that is known. The journey of my lifetime constant continues along . I am the only one to blame if something goes wrong. That is why faith always starts and stay strong because it’s the holding of hope that you belong .

Ain’t A Need To Panic ..

I’m the coolest poet on the planet, ain’t a need to panic. I got hands skills like a mechanic. The rival of that is my mind being so gigantic . No rules need to apply when I decide on when and how to be romantic. Poetry is the truth that’s the versatile content being so candid. I caught love sneaking away from me red handed. I still believe in valuable morals like the ten commandments. If the sky fall I will be safely wrapped in tin and ceramic. So I have no need to really panic.