Full Circle..

It’s my full circle in faith . It’s my full circle in space! Have you seen so many scars on a beautiful face . I just want to explain why life is not a waste . It just takes awhile to absorb the pace and it even takes a bit longer to enjoy a taste for my hunger is filled with grace . Am I happy with being last place. I never noticed anything about the human race. I am off in space I have peace and hope to chase . I have unbound love to embrace. I thank God for making me so brave . I have now truly been saved and I know it was due to me being a page in a story of hope and rage . And now I can say I am of my real age .


Journey Of Pure Faith ..

Journey of pure faith . I have been so far without contacting my base . You can easily see the tragedy written on my face. My soul speeds up my life to explain the chase of longevity. I am already on pace to be my own celebrity . I know poetry can sound off and crazy . That why I do this than drugs because reality is often just too hazy . My journey of pure faith is steady and I am more ready to race out to dimensions unknown. To see the mentioned that is known. The journey of my lifetime constant continues along . I am the only one to blame if something goes wrong. That is why faith always starts and stay strong because it’s the holding of hope that you belong .

Ain’t A Need To Panic ..

I’m the coolest poet on the planet, ain’t a need to panic. I got hands skills like a mechanic. The rival of that is my mind being so gigantic . No rules need to apply when I decide on when and how to be romantic. Poetry is the truth that’s the versatile content being so candid. I caught love sneaking away from me red handed. I still believe in valuable morals like the ten commandments. If the sky fall I will be safely wrapped in tin and ceramic. So I have no need to really panic.